The Windsor Circus School (WCS) is an independently operated aerial arts, acrobatics and circus program operating in Downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The school offers students of all ages the opportunity to experience the thrill of circus through professional, instructor-directed classes.


We offer an array of classes, private parties, workshops, open gyms, and seminars. It is our goal to create a safe, welcoming, and fun environment for all who step foot through our doors. Our staff and instructors strive to promote physical literacy and healthy habits.


To educate and promote physical literacy in circus arts and make the art form more accessible to the world.


We are located in the old YMCA/Historic Chelsea Building on Pelissier St. just north of Wyandotte St. We have a private entrance just to the left of the Chelsea Building's main doors. Our entrance is through the wrought iron fence just south of the building. We have an archway with our name on the fence and there are two large signs on the fence denoting the entrance. Just come down the small sidewalk between the buildings to find our entrance in the back on your right. It will be marked with our logo and additional signs.

Entrance to Windsor Circus School in Windsor, ON


Senior Instructor

I started practicing Circus arts in 2012 with Aerial Silks. I fell in love with it and it was all I wanted to do. I never enjoyed running like a hamster at a gym, and this art form keeps me fit and constantly striving to improve. I joined WCS right as they were opening up. I love teaching and get a huge sense of accomplishment when my students nail a move they've been working on for a while.

Senior Instructor

Rob is a CPA Physique competitor, Gymnast, Model, and Actor. He also works as a Stuntman and Performer’s Instructor.Rob is a Gymnastics/Circus/Fitness National Team coach for Trampoline & Tumbling with 21 years experience.


Hi, I'm Amber! My passion for fitness and curious nature led me to the Windsor Circus School where I found a love for aerial silks and acrobatics. Im always up for a challenge and the circus provides an atmosphere in which you can take yourself to new heights... Literally! In a safe, judgement-free, high energy place like the Windsor Circus School, you can really be anything you want to be. From learning how to juggle to swinging on a trapeze, the value in testing new waters and getting out of your comfort zone will show you things you could have never imagined. The feeling of accomplishment you get after tackling a fear or building a new skill will keep you wanting more! Not to mention a workout unlike any other! I encourage anyone curious about the circus to come and give it a try. You'll never know what you are capable of until you test your "limits."


Fitness and athletics have been a huge passion of mine throughout my life and I have always been looking for new ways to challenge myself. I fell in love with everything Circus within weeks of attending my first Aerial Silks class in Alberta. In the continuing years, I was an assistant teacher for Aerial and Acrobatics with Dance Magic Red Deer, which allowed me to share my love and dedication to Circus arts with a wide variety of people. I moved to Windsor in summer 2017 and I am currently in University pursuing a degree in Psychology and Education. Between classes, you can almost always find me training or working on mastering a new skill. I invite you to come and explore with me at Windsor Circus School!


Growing up I was a competitive Figure Skater and competed across Ontario/Michigan, in which I developed a love for choreography and movement. In 2012, I earned my Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate, through the Yoga Alliance at the Yoga Loft Windsor which has given me a better understanding of body awareness and its coordination of breath and movement. I was introduced to Aerial Arts around 2012 and fell in love with the art form instantly. With the limited resources to learn this art form in Windsor (before WCS opened), I traveled to Circus schools in Toronto and Michigan to train. I trained on various circus apparatus and have performed locally (Windsor/Detroit). This art has challenged me to find the balance between strength and flexibility and to move fluidly in the air. I love teaching and I’m very proud to see my students progress each week in my classes. I look forward to sharing my passion and skills knowledge with you as I continue my own experience at the Windsor Circus School. See you in the air!


My name Brad Caza, and I have been practicing Acro Yoga since October of 2015. I'm based out of Windsor, Ontario. My practice is most dominantly in standing Acro. I teach L-Basing acro yoga on a weekly basis though as well.  I come from a sports background and I have an active AYFit certification and have 24 hours of immersion completed. I am finishing up my certifications in January 2018 with the teacher certification course. I was first introduced to Acro Yoga by James Heugh who recently moved to LA to teach and perform for a living with the Acro Army group. What Acro means to me is anything can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. I have people come to me all the time saying they can’t do Acro--I tell them to come try and be amazed at what they can do. My instruction ranges from the basics of L-Basing to trio Acro poses to advanced standing Acro poses like side star. My classes are progressions that build from prior classes with safety being the key element in all my classes. Teaching has really helped improve my own practice and gave me a better understanding of all roles in Acro Yoga.


Jason is a full-time Professional Street Performer / Busker with 15 years of National and International experience. He has performed in 14 different countries for 350+ events. He has over 2000 shows under his belt - and counting! He is completely self-taught, insatiably curious, absolutely dedicated to his evolving craft, and loves few things more than connecting with an audience or a group of people willing to learn new things.

While juggling is his specialty, he is also proficient in slap-stick comedy, improv, most forms of prop manipulation, unicycling, and whip-cracking.

Student Services Coordinator, Manager

With a background in technical theatre and stage lighting, Marley has been working in the live entertainment industry since 2011. Making sure the students are taken care of at the school, and the performers are taken care of at our events, she brings the behind-the-scenes work to the front desk of the WCS.

Co-Owner and Senior Instructor

I started off as a gymnast and progressed into a competitive national diver. The journey lead me to being a competitive gymnastics coach and pointed me in the direction of Circus Arts.
With years of experience and travel, I have always looked for new ways to bring the Art of Performing to different locations. After traveling around South East Asia the knowledge I obtained had to be placed somewhere. With the inception of the Windsor Circus School, I now have an outlet to share information and productions with my hometown.



I've been performing and involved with entertainment for the better part of my life. I also have been involved with Acro Yoga for around 3 years and love the art form. My goal is to bring the Thrill of Circus to the people of Windsor and Essex through our family-friendly facility and hands-on instruction.

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