We offer pricing options to fit all budgets. We strive to provide flexibility with two ways to enroll: 


Membership Enrollment is our typical pick. It allows training from once a week in Aerials and FITclasses, up to Unlimited times per month for everything.  Drop-In Enrollment is great if you just want to attend one class when you want. 

If you're brand new to Circus, our SEMESTERpass is a great start.

Students age 14+. If you are looking for pricing and enrollment for ages 6-13, check out our Youth Section




Winter Semester: January 6th - March 28th
Spring Semester: April 2nd - June 24th
Summer Semester: July 2nd - September 23rd
Fall Semester: October 1st - December 23rd
Winter Semester: January 2nd - March 26th
Spring Semester: April 1st - June 23rd
Summer Semester: July 2nd - September 23rd
Fall Semester: October 1st - December 23rd


If you are looking to train more and worry about your schedule less, our Membership Enrollments are perfect for you.


FITpass allows you to come to any Ground (FITclasses) as many times as you want. 


SEMESTERpass allows you to take 1 Aerial Class per week. That's the equivalent of enrolling in a single class for the whole 3-month semester. Plus, it includes 1 Ground Class (FITclass) per week as well. It's the best way to take a semester of a single class.


UNLIMITED M2M (Month-To-Month) and UNLIMITED Yearly (12-month commitment) allow you to just schedule your classes and go. It's everything we offer, with no limits. Train any class, any time, as many times as you want. As long as there is space in the class, you're in. You can pre-schedule your entire month with UNLIMITED M2M, and you can jump on classes as soon as they're released, up to a year away, with UNLIMITED Yearly. 

FITpass Semester passSEMESTERpass UNLIMITEDpass
Monthly 3 Months Monthly Yearly
$45 /month
All FITclasses
No Commitment
$79 /month
Full Semester
Join Anytime
$149 /month
Everything. Cancel Anytime
$129 /month
Everything. Train All Year Long
All Open Gym
Open Gyms
  All Ground Classes (FITclasses)
Ground Classes (FITclasses) 4/Month
  All Aerial Classes (Tier A)
Aerial Classes (Tier A&B) 4/Month


If you prefer more flexibility in your training schedule, Windsor Circus School offers single class credits that can be used for any class within its price category. (Tier A, Tier B, or FITclass) To purchase single class credits, click on Drop-In Enrollment and chose the type of class you want. Once you have credit, head to the Schedule page and book into a class with your new class credit! You can also purchase class credits and register for classes through the Schedule page.














EXPIRATIONS: From the date of sale, all classes must be *taken* within 1 month.




Lyra (Aerial Hoop) Training at Windsor Circus School




Students ages 14 and up can enroll in Adult classes through Membership Enrollment or on a Drop-In basis. Our adult programming has four semesters per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  


DROP IN ENROLLMENT This method of registration allows a student to use individual class credits to register for individual dates of a class. Drop in enrollment is paid for with class credits that can be purchased individually.

  • Cancellation Policy: If you cancel fewer than 24 hours before the start of class or are a no-show for a class, you forfeit your class credit. This is a “Late Cancel.”  If you cancel a class more than 24 hours before the start of class, you retain your class credit, with its original expiration date. This is an “Early Cancel.”
  • Illness/Injury: in the event that a medically-documented illness or injury prevents you from attending class, please contact the front desk to cancel your enrollment. If it is more than 24 hrs before the class, you can “early cancel” and retain your class credit, no doctor’s note is needed. If it is fewer than 24 hours before the class or up to 1 week after the class has occurred, then you may submit a doctor’s note in order to have the credit reinstated. It will maintain its original expiration date.
  • In the event that Windsor Circus School cancels a class, your class credit will be automatically returned to your account. This credit will maintain the original expiration date. In rare cases, an expiration extension will be granted, inquiries can be directed to

Adult class credits can be applied to less expensive classes with the exception of Tier A and B class credits, ie a Tier B credit can pay for a FITclass or Open Gym. Likewise, a Tier A class credit can pay for a FITclass or Open Gym. But a Tier A class credit cannot pay for a Tier B class and visa-versa Please contact us at to have the class credit changed. From the date of sale, all adult class credits must be taken within 1 month.  

If a student has not arrived in class within the first 15 minutes of class, they will not be admitted into the class for any reason. Waitlisted students will be permitted to take the class if space becomes available due to late students. The exception to this rule is Open Gym where students may join anytime it is held. Please see the front desk to sign in to Open Gym. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late are marked as a “late cancel” and the credit is forfeited.


MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT FITpass, SEMESTERpass, UNLIMITEDpass Monthly, and UNLIMITEDpass Yearly are all monthly recurring memberships that permit students to attend classes as they wish. The FITpass allows students to attend any FITclasses and Open Gyms they wish as many times as they like The SEMESTERpass allows students to take 4 classes per month in both Aerial (Tier A or B) and Ground (FITclasses). The UNLIMITEDpass Monthly and UNLIMITEDpass Yearly allow students to attend any Tier A, Tier B, FITclasses, and Open Gyms as many times as they wish.

  • Monthly Memberships: FITpass and UNLIMITED Monthly are both monthly memberships. This allows you to sign up for the classes outlined above within the 30/31 calendar days of your contract start date. For example, if you started on January 1st, you would be able to book classes up until January 31st. Once the February auto-billing is completed on February 1st, you are then able to book February classes. SEMESTERpass allows you to book classes for the entire Semester, or what remains of the current Semester.
  • Class Cancellation Policy: If a student signs up for a class, either online or in person, they are responsible for attending that class or canceling their signup in person, by email, or online at least 24 hours prior to the class start. If a student does not cancel a class and misses that class for any reason, a $10.00 charge will be assessed to their account. To ensure this does not happen, please remember to cancel all classes you cannot attend at least 24 hours prior.
  • Membership Cancelation: FITpass and UNLIMITEDpass Monthly are all no-commitment, monthly memberships. A student may cancel any of them at any time in accordance with each student's membership contract. If the student is in an UNLIMITEDpass Yearly and a medical situation arises which will prevent the student from participating for the remainder of the contract, A medical doctor's signature on our Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal Form is required for medical withdrawal. It should specify the initial date of injury/illness or exceptional circumstance. Without the Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal Form, the 12-Month Commitment will be upheld until the contract expires 12 months from the contract start date. The SEMESTERpass is an agreement for a three month semester, or the remainder of the current semester and the student is responsible for that semester's 3 or less payments only.


WAITLIST POLICY It is necessary to “opt-in” for emails on your MindBody account to use the waitlist feature for classes. An email will be automatically sent to the email address on your account when you are added to a class from the waitlist. Please keep this information correct and make sure to add to accepted addresses in your email to ensure your notification. You may choose to respond to this e-mail, accepting or declining your space on the roster. By utilizing the waitlist feature, you are agreeing to cover the cost of any class in which you are registered. You can be automatically enrolled in the class from the waitlist until 24hrs before the start of class so if you are on one or more waitlists, please monitor your email. If you place yourself on a Waitlist, it is your responsibility to check on your status, and remove yourself if you are unable to attend the class. You will not be automatically added to the waitlist if a space becomes available less than 24 hours prior to class start time. Please feel free to check class roster or contact front desk to see if last minutes spaces have become available. These policies are in effect whether you have been “confirmed” from the waitlist or not- this means that once you are dropped into a class and notified, we do not need any further confirmation from you that you will take the class. If a student has available credits in their account, MindBody will allow them to register for a waitlist without purchasing a credit. If a student does not have available credits, they will be prompted to purchase a credit. If you do not wish to purchase a credit, please contact the front desk who will put you on the waitlist for no charge. If you do purchase a credit but do not get into the class, that credit will remain available on your account until its expiration date.  


PREREQUISITES In addition to the minimum age requirement of 14, many adult recreational classes at Windsor Circus School have skill prerequisites. In order to receive approval, please indicate for which classes you would like to be approved and send training or performance videos to Videos should be 2-4 minutes long and ideally show the student moving through skills (ie not just a backbend, but the student getting into and getting out of the backbend, not just a drop on silks, but the student preparing for the drop). Alternatively, attend the intro level class to request approval from that instructor (e.g. Intro to Aerial Silks, Intro to Mixed Aerials, Open Gym, etc.).  


FAMILY SHARING Members of the same immediate family (parent, spouse/partner, child, sibling) may share adult rec class credits. They may not share semester enrollments or any other services. To confirm that your accounts are properly set up for sharing, please contact the front desk. Sharing credits does not mean that one family member can register for a class but then another family member can attend in his/her place.