Jason Henderson


Jason is a full-time Professional Street Performer / Busker with 15 years of National and International experience. He has performed in 14 different countries for 350+ events. He has over 2000 shows under his belt - and counting! He is completely self-taught, insatiably curious, absolutely dedicated to his evolving craft, and loves few things more than connecting with an audience or a group of people willing to learn new things.

While juggling is his specialty, he is also proficient in slap-stick comedy, improv, most forms of prop manipulation, unicycling, and whip-cracking.

Jason Henderson instructs the following:
  • Intro to Juggling
  • Welcome to Juggling 101! We start off with a classic 3 ball cascade (which is more attainable than you think!) and finish off strong with pins, rings, passing with a partner, varied toss patterns, and contact juggling.


    Looking for more props? Send an email to info@windsorcircusschool.com for more information.


    No Prerequisites. Ages 12+