Shannon Mills

Shannon Mills instructs the following:
  • Novice Lyra (Tier B)
  • We recommend at least 1 semester of Intro Lyra or equivalent with documentation.
    Ages 14+
    Now that you have completed Intro to Lyra and Trapeze, we dive deeper into Lyra practice. Using the existing Intro knowledge, this class features full sequences and a more difficult level of training. The focus of correcting the fundamentals makes this class perfect for beginner and intermediate students. Think you’re ready? Come try it out!

  • Intro to Lyra and Trapeze (Tier A)
  • No prerequisites. Ages 14+

    Welcome to Lyra and Trapeze 101! We jump into the hard apparatus world with the terminology, basic theory and body conditioning needed to practice as an aerialist in a different medium than the Silks. Think you’re not strong or flexible enough? Not true! We start from basics and get you where you need to be. Great for both beginner athletes, and high performance cross training.

  • Intermediate Lyra (Tier B)
  • Approval based. Ages 14+

    A performance level training class. Designed for the challenge, skill and creativity of promising performers. This class explores challenging sequences, movements and conditioning. Must be approved by our Senior Instructor to attend this class.

  • FunctionalFIT is a class dedicated to those who are working on targeting specific areas of the body. Be it a prior injury, or a movement that you want to improve upon, FunctionalFIT will guide you through the necessary exercises to rebuild range of motion and stability, making troublesome day to day tasks easier each practice!

    No prerequisites. Ages 14+