Tia Bia

Co-Owner and Senior Instructor

Tia started off as a gymnast and progressed into a competitive national diver. From there she became a competitive gymnastics coach which lead her into the world of Circus arts. Tia has been instructing Circus disciplines and performance for over 8 years. She has worked with many performance companies in the past including Samsara Circa and the Vancouver Circus School. With her years of experience and travel, she has always looked for new ways to bring the Art of Performing to different locations. With the inception of the Windsor Circus School, Tia now has an outlet to share her talents with the people of her hometown.

Tia Bia instructs the following:
  • ACROfit
  • Acro Yoga (or Acro) is partnered acrobatics that incorporate balance and geometry to create breathtaking movements and poses. We take focus on L-basing and Standing bases in each class. Come try it out solo or as a pair/group!


    No prerequisites. Ages 14+

  • Youth Novice Mixed Aerials - Ages 6-13 (Tier B)
  • Youth Novice Mixed Aerials is a class for those who have completed Intro to Mixed Aerials. After learning the foundations of Aerials, Novice focuses on cleaning up technique and building more intricate skills. Novice focuses on inversions on all the the apparatuses and dives deeper into what performance aerials are all about.

    We recommend 1 semester of Intro to Mixed Aerials. Age groups 6-9, and 10-13

    Youth Mixed Aerials is fantastic exercise, and a great way to cross-train with other sports and activities. Our classes are taught by seasoned instructors who understand body mechanics and healthy practices that build great character. In every 90 minute class our instructors will guide your child, paying individual attention to each student’s needs. We make the classes accessible to the most beginner fitness levels while supplying challenging options to those students who want to push themselves. We focus on individual student goals, allowing them to progress at their own pace and excel in the skills demonstrated. All students start in Intro to Mixed Aerials, and through training and regular assessment can be moved to our Novice and Intermediate programs.

    To enroll in a Youth Class Semester, please visit our YOUTH page

  • CONTORTIONfit picks up where StretchFIT leaves off. Students will work on improving their passive and active leg flexibility, as well as starting work on contortion skills such as splits, bridges, and elbow stands. The class primarily focuses on hamstring, hip-flexor, back, and shoulder mobility.


    No prerequisites. Ages 14+

  • FunctionalFIT is a class dedicated to those who are working on targeting specific areas of the body. Be it a prior injury, or a movement that you want to improve upon, FunctionalFIT will guide you through the necessary exercises to rebuild range of motion and stability, making troublesome day to day tasks easier each practice!

    No prerequisites. Ages 14+

  • Intro to Aerial Silks (Tier A)
  • No Prerequisites. Ages 14+

    Welcome to Silks 101! This class introduces the terminology, basic theory and body conditioning needed to practice the art of Aerial Silks. Think you’re not strong or flexible enough? Not true! We start from basics and get you where you need to be. Great for both beginner athletes, and high performance cross training.

  • P.R.I.M.E.
  • P.R.I.M.E. is an educational program designed for those with a background in movement arts, performance, and athletic training looking to challenge themselves in new ways. Head Coaches will be looking for a mix of flexibility, strength, dexterity, coordination, and great attitudes that complement and add to our troupe! Through individualized classes, the troupe will be taught Aerial Silks, Hammock, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Hand Balancing, Choreography, Performance Arts, and much more at a pre-professional level.

    The training will be lead only by WCS Head Coaches. This is to ensure each skill is taught at a level that both challenges the student and encourages continual growth. While the group training will focus largely on technical skills, there will also be emphasis placed on the application of those skills through performance and choreography.

    P.R.I.M.E. is available by audition only. Interested students/parents are encouraged to contact us at info@windsorcircusschool.com to inquire about upcoming audition dates. Only selected students are invited to participate in the training regimen.

  • Novice Lyra (Tier B)
  • We recommend at least 1 semester of Intro Lyra or equivalent with documentation.
    Ages 14+
    Now that you have completed Intro to Lyra and Trapeze, we dive deeper into Lyra practice. Using the existing Intro knowledge, this class features full sequences and a more difficult level of training. The focus of correcting the fundamentals makes this class perfect for beginner and intermediate students. Think you’re ready? Come try it out!

  • Intermediate Lyra (Tier B)
  • Approval based. Ages 14+

    A performance level training class. Designed for the challenge, skill and creativity of promising performers. This class explores challenging sequences, movements and conditioning. Must be approved by our Senior Instructor to attend this class.

  • Youth Intro to Dance Acro - Ages 8-13 (Tier A)
  • Youth Intro to Dance Acro incorporates parts of both dance, and acrobatics in to a fun and educational movement class. Dance Acro takes students through the basics of acrobatic and balancing movements and builds upon them to create routines, poses, and transitions. The class is suitable for the absolute beginner, but will challenge current gymnasts and dancers to perfect their craft.


    No prerequisites. Dance background is recommended. Ages 8-13.

    To enroll in a Youth Class Semester, please visit our YOUTH page

  • Open Gym
  • Need more circus? Open Gym gives you two full hours of open training time supervised by our instructors. Although there is no teaching in Open Gym, it allows current students to have the time and space to work on their practice outside of class time. Students can only use the apparatuses that they have already been trained on. Open Gym can also serve as a make up class for a missed Youth class.
    Open Gym is included in the SEMESTERpass, FITpass and FITpass Black.

    Must have already taken a WCS Aerial class or equivalent with documentation.

    Are you a travelling performer? Contact info@windsorcircusschool.com for training availability.