Brad Caza


My name Brad Caza, and I have been practicing Acro Yoga since October of 2015. I'm based out of Windsor, Ontario. My practice is most dominantly in standing Acro. I teach L-Basing acro yoga on a weekly basis though as well.  I come from a sports background and I have an active AYFit certification and have 24 hours of immersion completed. I am finishing up my certifications in January 2018 with the teacher certification course. I was first introduced to Acro Yoga by James Heugh who recently moved to LA to teach and perform for a living with the Acro Army group. What Acro means to me is anything can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. I have people come to me all the time saying they can’t do Acro--I tell them to come try and be amazed at what they can do. My instruction ranges from the basics of L-Basing to trio Acro poses to advanced standing Acro poses like side star. My classes are progressions that build from prior classes with safety being the key element in all my classes. Teaching has really helped improve my own practice and gave me a better understanding of all roles in Acro Yoga.

Brad Caza is currently not instructing any classes.