In The Ring - Circus in the Summer / June 2018

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Circus in the Summer



Welcome back to In The Ring, the monthly Monday blog that brings you circus and city happenings in the lovely (and humid) Windsor, Ontario. We hope everyone is keeping cool and staying hydrated during this summer swelter! Which brings us to one of our favourite and most important updates for this month: As of June 2nd, we have air conditioning! That’s right, as amazing as our facility is, your classes no longer require both of our industrial strength fans. Just pure, crisp and clean AC.


Summer heat always brings up one of our favourite topics: Home Circus. Nobody wants to be stuck working out inside when it’s this nice out and we get a lot of questions about how you can circus at home, at the beach, on the road, and our main focus is how to be safe doing it. The number one thing people come to us with is “Can I hang a silk on _____?” “How would a lyra work with _____?” and our answer is always the same: “Would you hang your car off of it?”


So how do you practice outside the school? We’d like to help! Come talk to us. We’ll be doing product features about the rigging and equipment we use shortly, but we’ll start on the ground. Step one is always have a buddy. If you’re in the air, just too many things can go wrong. If you’re on the ground, circus is more fun with a friend!


Our product feature for this month is one of our favourites, and a staple around the gym: Mammut Chalk. While you are hanging from your aerial silk after an hour of practice, things start to get a little sweaty. This alcohol-based chalk cream works wonders for all types of movers including rock climbers, gymnasts, weight lifters and of course, circus aerialists. With about a nickel sized amount of the cream, your hands and equipment stay dry and safe. We are always looking to minimize the chance of a preventable slip and this is one of our favourite ways to do that. Liquid Chalk is proven to be safer than loose chalk as chalk particles are quite fine and have been proven to cause breathing issues. This mess-free, easily portable alternative comes in handy for travelling, outdoor circus and general training. You can pick some up here, at the circus school, or come take a class and try it out! We always have a tester available for mid-class use.


Last month our lovely co-owner Tia Bia was featured on the always wonderful Straight Out of Windsor Podcast. She tells her story of the humble beginnings of a gymnast that needed more, to travelling and discovering the aerial jungle gym full of possibilities, and bringing that back to the home we know and love. You can check out the podcast here!


As some of you may have heard, we have officially launched our entertainment company, Height Entertainment! We offer an extremely talented list of performers and tech to make your event stand out amongst the rest. From that talented list of performers, we would like to congratulate our own Teajai Travis for winning the Arts Leadership Award in Literary Arts presented by the Windsor Endowment of the Arts! Teajai is a hard working spoken word artist, novelist and historical archivist. He has been working on “Missing From History: Women of the Underground Railroad” since 2017 and will be using the grant towards creating an Afro-Indigenous Library to help others “dig deep into their history and celebrate the astonishing strength, resilience, intelligence and innovation of our ancestors.” Teajai is also an amazing percussionist, and he is available for hire as a Height Entertainment performer. Our Height website will be up shortly, so until then you can check out Teajai’s facebook page here.


Thank you so much for hanging out with us and stay tuned for next months post! If you have any questions or comments about anything you’ve read, anything you want to read, something circus related or how to get involved with the Windsor Circus School, please let us know! We love feedback. You can give us a call at 519.800.4414 or message at


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