In The Ring - Winter Blues / December 2018

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December 2018 issue written by:

Amber Brien

Lyra Instructor


Edited by:

Alexis Baksi 

Substitute Lyra Instructor in Training

Marley Reaume

Student Services Coordinator


Functionally Fixing Winter Blues


Welcome back to In The Ring - the monthly Monday blog brought to you from the front desk of the Windsor Circus School. This month our Lyra team has prepared some functional motivation to keep everyone moving through the winter. Let us know what you think in the comments!




As the days become shorter and the weather gets colder, we find ourselves lacking the energy and motivation we had only some weeks ago when the sun was shining and there was daylight to spare. We know all about the positive benefits of keeping physically active, yet we yawn and pull the covers closer. The short, gloomy days leave us feeling tired and groggy. So how can we fight the urge to fall into hibernation over the winter months? We've compiled some tips we use around the school to help!


Be accountable. Hold yourself accountable to foster the lifestyle you want. If you struggle to do this on your own, ask a friend to be that for you.  Someone who can help motivate you, follow up and keep you accountable. At the Windsor Circus School (WCS) we have a great group of people who support and motivate one another. Participating in a community of like minded people makes all the difference in your fitness journey. Not only is there a sense of belonging, but being surrounded by people who are working hard will make you want to work even harder!


Start moving. It can be hard to find the motivation - especially once the roads are bad. The daily commute becomes and uphill daily battle. Start by stretching, pace the house, or use the stairs! When you make a point to incorporate movement into your daily life, even in the smallest amount, the more natural it will feel. Your body will start to crave the benefits, your moods will improve and your motivation will start to increase too.


Make it a habit. At first, it might take some convincing to get out of your jammies and get moving. But over time, movement will become a habit, something you just do rather than think or talk about. This is the beauty of routine. It replaces the toughest part - getting started. So get that ball rolling now. You’ll be glad you did.


Recognize what’s in it for you. In the winter, there is an added benefit of promoting relaxation of mind and body by warming up those cold, stiff muscles. That’s right, exercise actually helps to relieve muscle tension and stress! The long days spent sitting at a desk, standing in a classroom or wherever your job takes you, can make anyone feel sore and stiff. Don’t be fooled! This is no time to rest. Our muscles need to move. When we increase our heart rate we provide our body with access to more oxygen, which means we feel more energized and less sluggish and stiff. Exercise produces feel-good endorphins that help us stay in a more positive mindset.


Do what you like. Find something you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s a walk on a snowy path, a jog on a treadmill or pumping iron while binging on Netflix. For us, it's the WCS community. We love being upside down and spending time in the air (not to mention it gets warmer the closer you get to the ceiling). If heights are not your thing, no problem! The WCS offers a variety of ground fitness classes that will change the way you look at exercise.

Classes like FunctionalFIT and StretchFIT focus on movement and articulations that will help you more easily tackle every day life. These one hour, low-impact classes include strengthening and stretching the muscles functionally which makes daily tasks easier. It's a great addition to an existing workout or perfect for the absolute beginner. These classes use ground-based body weight movements to support functional movement, increase range of motion, strength, and stability. Click here for a list of WCS classes that are sure to help you leave the blues at the door!




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