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In The Ring - The Hardest Aerial Discipline; Self Care During an Injury / January 2019

January 2019 Issue written by Erikka Johnson A foreward from Amber Brien, Lyra Instructor and Blog Editor: Erikka Johnson is a senior level aerial silks instructor and performer. Her passion and commitment to the art form is evident through her movement and teachings. Thank you Erikka for all you bring to the community at the Windsor Circus School.  Read More

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In The Ring - Winter Blues / December 2018

December issue written by Amber Brien, Lyra Instructor and edited by: Alexis Baksi, Substitute Lyra Instructor in Training. As the days become shorter and the weather gets colder, we find ourselves lacking the energy and motivation we had only some weeks ago when the sun was shining and there was daylight to spare... Read More

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In The Ring - Buskerville Fest / August 2018

Welcome back to In The Ring, the monthly Monday blog delivered to you fresh from the front desk of the Windsor Circus School. Our goal with today’s post is to help you forget that summer sun is slowly... Read More

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In The Ring - Summer Festivals / July 2018

Summer Semester has started! Starting today (July 2nd) until September 17th, we welcome a new batch of students, congratulate current ... Read More

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In The Ring - Circus in the Summer / June 2018

Welcome back to In The Ring, the monthly Monday blog that brings you circus and city happenings in the lovely (and humid) Windsor, Ontario. We hope everyone is keeping cool and staying hydrated during this... Read More