Yes Circus! No clowns or animals but everything else in between. We are a training facility specializing in the high flying circus arts.

We say nonsense, the circus is for everybody! Muscle and flexibility are what improves over time. If you have the drive, we have the expertise. Our beginner classes are just that, beginner. Give us a call, come check out the school, or email! Let us know of any previous injuries, restrictions, or ask them about class details so we can give you the best experience.

We have a variety of ground classes that don’t require any of the apparatuses or heights. They range from stretch classes and strength classes, and move right up to contortion and acrobatics. They are great to enhance your skills in the air, or just get in shape! Are props more your thing? Try our juggling class!

Our youth classes range from ages 6-13. They must be of appropriate age by start of semester they are trying to enroll in. Example: a child who is 5 in June but will be 6 by the time classes start in October is free to be enrolled for the October Semester.

Adult classes are 14+

Tier A is our beginners program. It teaches the introductory skills needed to succeed in the Tier B Novice and Intermediate programs. This is the same for youth and adult classes.

With the monthly FITpass you can attend anything that says FIT at the end. This includes all of our ground classes and Open Gym (see below). Classes range from joint repair and body functionality, stretching, yoga, strength classes, contortion and acrobatics. There’s at least one a day, it’s a great opportunity to try something new! Nothing with an apparatus (silks, lyra, etc) is included in this pass.

Open Gym is two hours of open training time on Sundays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. It is included in the monthly FITpass, but also available for drop ins. You can not use an apparatus you have not been trained to use. If you want to use the silks in Open Gym, you must have taken a silks class previously. The same rule applies for all apparatuses. No teaching, by instructors or student to student, is allowed or available during Open Gym. This time is best used as a training tool and allows you to fit the most circus possible in your week.

All of our class programs run in 12 week semesters. Signing up for a semester pack allows you to guarantee your place in class for those 12 weeks. Semester packs are paid for up front, reducing the price from the drop in rate. One make up class is granted per semester. This one class can be made up during Open Gym free of charge. We must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the class.

Even when dropping in, we recommend registering online or in-school as early as possible. Our classes have size limits and we can not guarantee a space for a walk-in. There are a few places around the website with “register” buttons for convenience, but everything is nice and bundled together for you here: Prices and Enrollments

Our classes have occupancy limits as we only have space for so many apparatuses, so everything runs on a first come first serve basis. Being on a waitlist means you’re first in line if someone who registered first cancels their class.

Since our classes have such limited space, if there is not more than 24 hours notice given, the credit is lost and the class can not be made up. If you have an Unlimited Membership plan and less than 24 hours notice is given there will be a $10 charge applied to your acount.

The answer to this largely depends on what you want out of your fitness goals, but our #1 best deal is one of the monthly passes. The Unlimited pass includes every class we offer excluding workshops and special events. Perfect for both consistent and changing personal schedules, it offers the best deal per class.

Send an email to with the details of your event for further information.

The Windsor Circus School is pleased to support many of our fellow community organizations through in-kind donations of classes, tickets, and other Windsor Circus School services for your auctions, raffles, and other fundraising efforts. Please note, we do not make cash donations, and we do not donate performances or performers. To make an in-kind donation request, please fill out this In-Kind Donation Request form

Parking is available on any side street and is free after 6pm. Alternatively, parking can be found at the parking structures.

Waivers are automatically signed when you create an account in the student/participant's name on the Register / Waiver page. Parents will need to create an account for each of their children in each child's name. This also includes party participants. Registering for an account in your child's name satisfies our waiver requirements for birthday and regular parties.